Common Practice

The Showroom

The Showroom is a contemporary art space that is focused on a collaborative and process-driven approach to production; be that artwork, exhibitions, discussions, publications, knowledge and relationships.

We are committed to supporting artists who have not previously had significant exposure in London. Our unique focus is on commissioning work that is generated through open and discursive means between artists, specialists, public and local stakeholders, connecting otherwise disparate fields and communities.

Through feedback and reflection, the Showroom aims to draw discourse from its work. We firmly believe that honesty and transparency are pivotal and that risk-taking and learning are integral parts of our own development as much as it is for those who we work with.

In all of our actions we aim to meaningfully contribute to the intellectual and artistic landscape within as well as beyond the borders of the UK. A key aspect of this work is our commitment to our neighbourhood, the Church Street Ward, where an ongoing programme of artists projects involving young people in the shaping of artworks explores how knowledge is produced and shared.

Organisational partnerships are key to expanding the potential of our work, and we collaborate with a broad network of like-minded organisations both in the UK and abroad.

All of our work is non-profit.

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